Hi Angels! 
Welcome to VOX activewear!! 
If you’re here it means you're checking out something that’s likely to become your new favorite activewear brand… ;).  
VOX is a brand that I created because, & I'm sure so many other girls relate to this, I could never find that perfect fit, color, fabric, and feel, in activewear. I’m a student & definitely don’t have the budget to be spending 80+ on one pair of leggings. Finding a brand who is consistent with quality and styles while also fitting into my budget was basically impossible! I exercise almost daily and I need something to not only move & grow with my body, but also something that flatters me! Hugs me in all the right spots, and when it comes down to it, allows me to feel confident…
Finally, I decided it was time to begin taking the idea of putting together my very own activewear brand seriously. Beginning in my little studio apartment, we started researching manufacturers, regulations, styles, and fabrics...my co-founder (Alex) and I each took on our own roles. VOX is a true two-man show & we wouldn't have it any other way!
VOX’s mission is to create products that women feel their best in. We want you to reach your full potential (both in & out of the gym) and know this can be reached when you feel just as good as you look! That ‘new gym outfit’ feeling is too real🔥
VOX’s vision is to create a family of girls who conquer all their goals as we grow together! To be known as the brand women feel their best in during lifting, running, yoga, brunch, travelling, shopping, studying, I could go on but I think you get the point 😉 .
Sending you so much love & thanks ❀,
Christina & Alex 
P.S. Feel free to reach out via our instagram (@voxactivewear) or e-mail (info@voxactivewear.nl) with any questions!